Executive Board

Sagirah Jones



Zachary Adriaenssens

Vice Chairperson


John Queen



Rachel Stanley



Ruben Burney 

Sergeant at Arms


Eric Jacobson




At NPU-X, we have the following subcommittee, and each one would love to have you. If you'd like to get involved with any of the subcommittees, please reach out to the NPU-X chairperson, or voice your interest at the next NPU-X meeting.

Zoning, Land Use and Community Development: This committee shall consider all matters of land use, zoning, housing, urban design, and shall make recommendations to NPU-X concerning these areas. Also, will review CDP requirements and submit for NPU-X after receiving the collective input and approval of the body.

Transportation/Public Works: This committee shall consider all matters concerning transportation including mass transit, streets, highways, parking, bicycles and pedestrians and public services, including water, lighting, sanitation, debris removal, and related municipal services.

Public Safety: This committee shall consider all matters concerning police, fire, ambulance, and animal control and code enforcement.

Parks, Beltline and Environment: This committee shall consider all matters concerning parks, the Atlanta Beltline, open spaces, and recreation, and the environment.

Education: This committee shall coordinate with school, community and parent organizations on issues pertaining to schools within NPU-X.

Communications: This committee will assist with maintaining and administering NPU communication platforms (email lists, websites, social media, etc.) in accordance with NPU communication guidelines established by the City of Atlanta.

Bylaws: This committee will review bylaws annually, give members opportunities to provide input, present to the NPU-X body a preliminary report of additions and deletions at the August meeting and present final report for voting by body in September. 

Economic Development: This committee will ascertain the major economic needs of the community and work through NPUX Chair and Land Committee to get these identified needs to the City of Atlanta Planning Dept. The committee will ensure that the NPUX body is in agreement on the major needs and that any plans to address these needs be vetted by this committee and the impacted neighborhood(s). It is expected that the City Council Representative for NPUX as well as the City of Atlanta Planning Department will support this body before final agreement is reached on any of these plans